Mori Tsukino


Human (Wind Affinity)
Fast Hero (3)
White Knight (2)
Taijutsu Master (2)
Byakugan (1)
EXP: 3250 (31250 total)
Languages: Common, Grass, Grass Sign, Leaf, Sand, Sand Sign, Mist

STR 14
DEX 16
CON 16
INT 16
WIS 19
CHA 13

HP: 70
CP: 49 (2 Destiny)
CR: 22 (8 Destiny)
Defense: 30, 28 touch, 30 flat-footed (+2 Byakugan, +3 dodge speed rank 3, +1 Drunken Fist, +1 Skin Armor, +2 Shielding Winds, +1 vs melee, +2 Life Gate)
Rep: +2 ( +2 home village)
Wealth: +12

Speed: 60 ( +20 Speed Rank 3, +15 Life Gate)
Initiative: 3 ( +2 Byakugan, +2 Life Gate)

Fort: 8
Refl: 11 ( +1 Byakugan, +3 Speed Rank 3, +2 Life Gate)
Will: 10

BAB/Grapple: 6/8

Unarmed +11/ +6 (1d6 +4, +1 Strength Rank 1)) ( +1 Byakugan, +1 Speed Rank 3, +1 Strength Rank 1, +2 Life Gate)
Gentle Fist +14/ +9 (1d8 +6, touch, +1 Strength Rank 1) ( +1 Speed Rank 3, +1 Strength Rank 1, +1 Life Gate)

Action Points: 17

Unarmed attack(1d6)

Fast Hero(Evasion)
Fast Hero(Uncanny Dodge)
Taijutsu Master(Martial Arts Master)
White Knight (Gentle Knight)
White Knight (Ruthless Knight)
Lotus Extract ( +1 Nin Checks, +1 Nin Save DC)
Tengu Elixir ( +1 Tai Checks, +1 Tai Save DC)
Swift Enhance (Teleport 1/day as a move action, 200ft, have line of effect)
Ring of Elemental Ward (Attack action, 7 chakra, Res10 cold, earth, electricity, fire, water, wind)

Genin (Taijutsu)
Chuunin (Suppress Chakra)
Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium)
Simple Weapon Proficiency
Advanced Bloodline(Byakugan)
Genius Nin (Taijutsu)
Initiate of the Eight Celestial Gates
Taijutsu Adept
Defensive Martial Arts
Combat Martial Arts
Blood Pact, Hawk

Brand of Pain
Fear of Men
Fear of Ghosts

Clan Skills: Perception, Stealth, Taijutsu

Skills: 66pt (66)
Bluff 2 (0 +1 +1)
Chakra Control 9 (5 +4, +0 to tap reserves)
Concentration 7 (5 +2)
Craft(Pharmaceutical) 9 (6 +3)
Diplomacy 2 (0 +1 +1)
Intimidate 2 (0 +1 +1)
Jump 2 (0 +2, +4 Speed Rank 3, +10 Flying Monkey)
Knowledge(earth & life sciences) 10 (7 +3)
Ninjutsu 11 (7 +3 +1)
Perception 17 (10 +4 +3, +2 Byakugan)
Profession(Florist) 9 (5 +4)
Search 5 (1 +4, +2 Byakugan)
Sense Motive 9 (4 +4 +1, +2 Byakugan, +3 Empathy)
Stealth 13 (7 +3 +3, +3 Speed Rank 3)
Taijutsu 19 (10 +2 +7, +1 Save DCs Adept, +2 Life Gate, +2 Perform)
Treat Injury 9 (5 +4)

Learning: +4 Taijutsu learn check, can learn Taijutsu techniques with a rank equal to level +1, +1 attempt at learning Taijutsu (9 attempts total), treated as +1 skill threshold to learn Taijutsu techniques

Techniques: DC Tai/Nin/CC
Note: Taijutsu save dcs based on wisdom (white knight)
1—— 17/15/15
Shou Rakumugai no Jutsu (Minor Harmless Fall Technique)
Nawanuke no Jutsu (Escaping Technique)
Bushin no Jutsu (Duplication Technique)
Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique)
Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Substitution Technique) (mastery 1)
Kinobori (Tree Climbing)
Touton no Jutsu (Peeping Technique)
Doku Hakken no Jutsu (Poison Detection Technique) (mastery 1)
Kakureimino no Jutsu (Mystical Invisibility Cloaking Technique)
Sarutobi no Jutsu (Flying Monkey Technique)
Kazegama no Jutsu (Wind Scythe Technique)
2—— 17/15/15
Chakra no Hikari (Chakra Light)
Shodan Kousoku (Rank One Speed) (mastery 1)
Shodan Jouryoku (Rank One Strength)
Iryou Ninjutsu: Iji – Shinryou Jutsu (Diagnosis Technique)
Taijutsu: Sennen Goroshi (Thousand Years of Pain)
Tadayou (Water Strider) (mastery 1)
Chakra no Kogasu (Chakra Burn)
Kyushojutsu: Shuheido (Pressure Points Technique: Way of the Open Hand) (mastery 2)
Kawa no Yoroi (Skin Armor)
Genjutsu Kai (Dispel Genjutsu)
3—— 18/16/16
Daisukebei no Kaze (Wind of the Great Lecher)
Kage Buyou (Shadow Dance)
Hyuuga Ryuu: Jyuuken – Shodan Dachi (Hyuuga Style: Gentle Fist – First Stance) (mastery 3) [mas4 (1/2 success)]
Shuugyou: Kyoudo – Shodan (Training: Intensity – First Rank)
Kyushojutsu: Seiyabari (Pressure Points Technique: Peaceful Darkness)
Kyushojutsu: Seijaku Renshu (Pressure Points Technique: Rule of Silence)
Taijutsu: Ougi – Rendan Kidouki (Taijutsu Secret Technique – Combo Starter)
Suiken Dachi (Drunken Fist Stance)
Tsuushin no Jutsu (Information Relay Technique)
Kai-mon Kai (Initial Gate Release) (mastery 3)
4—— 18/16/16
Divine Punishment – Water Drop Combo (see Shishi Rendan)
Kyushojutsu: Tsukubi Jiten (Pressure Points Technique: Peaceful Slumber) (mastery 3)
Shundou (Instant Displacement) (mastery 3)
Nidan Kousoku (Rank Two Speed)
Nidan Jouryoku (Rank Two Strength)
Ichijin no Jutsu (Gust of Wind Technique)
Kyu-mon Kai (Heal Gate Release) (mastery 3)
5—— 19/17/17
Hyuuga Ryuu: Hakke Kuushou (Hyuuga Style: Void Palm of Divination)
Taijutsu: Juuroku Rendan (Hand-to-Hand: Sixteen-Hit Combo)
Gekitai no Jutsu (Repel Technique)
Junkaze no Jutsu (Shielding Winds Technique)
Kamaitachi (Sickling Wind Blast)
Mugen Ibuki no Jutsu (Air Supply Technique)
6—— 19/17/17
Sei-mon Kai (Life Gate Release) (mastery 2)
Hyuuga Ryuu: Jyuuken – Nidan Dachi (HS: Gentle Fist – Second Stance) (mastery 2)
Taijutsu: Gouken Ougi – Omote Renge (H-to-H: Iron Fist Secret Skill: Initial Lotus)
Sandan Kousoku (Rank Three Speed)
Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique)
Tanchi no Shikai (Detection Field)
Kanashibari no Jutsu (Body Binding Technique)
7—— 20/18/18
Yondan Kousoku(Rank Four Speed)

Reinforced Gloves (Soulbound superior, Shieldblade greater)
Ninja Suit
Thorium Ninja Vest ( +2 armor, max dex +7, Chakra Amplifying superior)
Cloak (Eluding superior)
Bracelets (Speed superior)
Earrings (Mind Ward superior)
Ring of the Socialite ( +1 Bluff, Diplo, Intim, Sense; +2 when activated (free, 2/day)
Ring of Elemental Ward (Attack action, 7 chakra, Res10 cold, earth, electricity, fire, water, wind)
Sash (Resilient minor)
Ninja Tabi (Swift greater)
Sentinel’s Mask [Sealed Item, superior] (1 chakra for low-light 10min, Koemane no Jutsu while concentrating as attack action)
Training Weights (Type VI) [At Home]
Summoner’s Totem (Hawk)
Racing Motorcycle

>Belt Pouch
—2x Sunstone
—4x Soundless Pellets
—20x Chakra Restoration Amplifier
—1x Cure Potion
—1x Chakra Storing Gem, lesser 10
>Shuriken Holster
—15x Shuriken
—1x Kunai
—3x Antidote[General] (dc14) +2
3x Antidote[General] (dc14) +4
3x Antidote[Ocean Breeze] +6
3x Antidote[Byoukiyuge] +4
3x Antidote[Heartroot Powder] +5
3x Antidote[Nemuri] +5
3x Antidote[Ketsuekigyouko] +5
3x Antidote[Chakra Mantle] +4
3x Antidote[Hachidoku] +4
3x Antidote[Fireseed Spice] +7
3x Antidote[General] (dc15-18) +4
3x Antidote[Chakra Sponge] +4
—Medical Kit
—Surgery Kit
—Pharmacist Kit
—Rope 150ft
—4x Sleeping Bag
—Tent (4person)
—Map (Road Atlas)
—Maps (Tactical: Kuzunoha & Adjacent Areas)
—Trail Rations (36)
—Travel Cloaks
—4x Blank Scroll


Age: 16
Birthday: 25 October
Horoscope: Scorpio
Bloodtype: B
Height: 167.1 cm
Weight: 54.2 kg
Likes: Peeping, women(Sora), menma, fried chicken
Dislikes: Coffee

[x]Meet Hyuuga father
[ ]Visit mother again
[ ]Master the Byakugan and Hyuuga jutsu
[x]Explore the world outside of the village hidden in the grass
[ ]Maintain alliance between Sand and Grass
[x]Keep in touch with Sora
[ ]Visit Sora
[/]Get the old Daiki back
[ ]Take down Hisotaka
[ ]Find the mythical Village hidden in the Bamboo to try their menma
[ ]Take down the Kusakage w/ Skeith if necessary

Not long after their Honeymoon in Konoha, the head of the Kuzunoha and his wife bore a child. Tsukino came to life on October 25th, 13 years before the Kyuubi attacked. Tsukino’s brother, Daiki, was brought into the world a year later. However, being the first born of the head family, Tsukino was to inherit the position after coming of age. That was, until her Byakugan awakened. At the age of five Tsukino’s eyes turned a shade of white, at which point the head of the clan realized Tsukino was not actually his child as he thought back to the honeymoon in Konoha. He cursed Tsukino’s mother and quickly named Daiki the new successor to his position. As events went on Tsukino’s mother passed on scrolls detailing Hyuuga Style techniques given to her by her Hyuuga father. Not long after these events came to pass, Tsukino’s mother disappeared on a mission. Traces to her whereabouts have yet to be discovered.

Within the span of a year Tsukino grew weary of her father’s attitude, and eager to be rid of the symbol of his wife’s betrayal, gladly accepted the Naoki family’s offer to look after Tsukino. From here Tsukino spent much of her time in the Academy, studying Hyuuga techniques and medical practices in her free time. Though at a loss for Genjutsu, it quickly became apparent that she was a Genius in the area of Taijutsu and adept with Chakra Control and Ninjutsu. Many also believe Tsukino would do well as a medical specialist, though Tsukino herself had mixed feeling about devoting herself to the medical field. Sometime during her stay, Tsukino realized she had an attraction to other females. This resulted in her earliest attempts at peeking, few of which went well and one of which ended with Tsubaki, the female owner of the hotsprings, sending her flying into the hotspring from the air after catching her peeking on night. This incident had knocked Tsukino unconsious and nearly ended with her drowning, though nobody could quite figure out how she was knocked out merely by landing in the water. After recovering, Tsukino eventually convinced Tsubaki to teach her the technique used to send her flying into the hotsprings from the air. Tsubaki called it Divine Punishment: Water Drop Combo, and it consisted of striking the opponent downwards in such a way that they wouldn’t be able to recover before hitting the ground.

Somewhere down the road during her stay at the hotsprings with the Mori family, Tsukino met a wandering man who was a self proclaimed pervert. He taught her much in the way of peeping and other lecherous acts. Tsukino found it odd that he would take notes while watching women in the hotsprings, and when asked about it his response would be that it is research. What that research was for eludes Tsukino to this day.

Mori Tsukino

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